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About Us

Our History

Our Company prides itself in providing and installing quality vinyl graphics. Wrap Stars ATL was started in 2007 providing wrapping and installation services to greater metro Atlanta, and opened our physical location three years later. In 2019, we converted into a full service design, print and install enterprise.

We also work with numerous print shops across the country, providing print and installation services to their clients.

Our Mission

"From Design to Delivery, Building Trust: 

Our mission is to provide unparalleled wide format printing, design, and installation services, guided by the core values of preserving teamwork and unwavering attention to detail."

Our Core Values

REPUTATION: We believe reputation outweighs profit.

RESPECT: We embody the principle of respect in our operations.

TEAMWORK: Together, we achieve mutual success.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Impacts on our overall reputation.

FUN: We provide an environment that encourages creativity and a positive atmosphere.

Custom Design and Printing on Premises  

Rebecca J. Bozarth - Graphic Designer, Production Manager 

Rebecca is a SCAD, and Liberty graduate with a Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has many years of experience in design, as well as photography, videography, and web design. At Wrap Stars, she

is always happy to help you create, update, and develop your brand.

Premium Vinyl Wraps and Graphics

We use Avery Dennison 1105 Wrapping Film for our Vehicle wraps.

MPI 1105 wrapping film series is a premium high-gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability and maximum durability for complex surfaces with curves and recesses. We pair this with Avery Dennison®DOL1300Z Series Clear Cast Laminates. These come in optically clear, highgloss, luster, and matte finishes. For less contoured applications, we use 3M IJ-40C. 

We also install window perforation, which provides both privacy for the business as well as advertising. For this, we use One Way Window - Perforated Adhesive Vinyl with Optically Clear Laminate.

Wrap Stars has the experience your expecting to find from a professional graphics company.

Click here for more information on vinyl wrap advertising and types of wraps.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Vehicle wrap prices are not the same from vehicle to vehicle. Factors that we use to determine the cost of your vehicle wrap are:


  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle. We use this to find a template in order to figure out square footage of your vehicle. If you have a nontraditional vehicle that would not have a template, a site survey would be needed in order to take measurements of the vehicle. 

  • Size of your vehicle. We price based on square footage. Larger vehicles will need more vinyl and take longer to wrap. 

  • Uniquely shaped vehicles, which would take longer to wrap, will also affect the cost.

  • What you want wrapped on the vehicle. A full wrap costs more than a partial wrap. We also print and install cut lettering and contour cut images, which would affect the price differently than a wrap.

  • Custom design - there is a design fee for our onsite artist to design a custom wrap for your vehicle. 

We ask that you send a few photos of your vehicle, as well as year, make, and model to, and we can send you a price quote. 

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