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Vehicle Wraps & Fleet Services

Every day, your vehicles drive past hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people who could be potential customers for your business. A custom branded wrap is your mobile billboard to customers.

Whether your fleet serves the American economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials and products across America’s highways or you manage a small fleet of repair vans providing a professional service to residential customers—why not advertise your brand on your vehicles and put your fleet to work for you.


With fleet graphics & vehicle wraps from Visual Marking Systems, you’ll transform your fleet into a cost-effective marketing tool.

We also know food trucks and we know what they require in terms of wraps:

  • Top quality vinyl that does not peel, crack or warp, we prefer Avery and 3M vinyl.

  • Professional graphic design and implementation. Our graphic designers have over 15 years of experience designing and printing Vehicle Wraps (not for just food trucks…)

  • Expert installation that is bubble and wrinkle free

Food trucks are a business which relies on brand recognition, therefore, vehicle wraps are a necessity – hundreds of people will know your presence with little more than a glance. Nobody wants to buy food from a bland white truck - it looks old and unappealing – entice your clientele’s taste buds by showcasing your menu with the wraps on your car.

When considering a wrap for your food truck, taco truck, or maybe a food van you must look for something which will last and will keep its original good look. This is one of the reasons we only rely on high quality Avery and 3M materials. We are regarded as one of the best companies in the business, which is why Wrap Stars is chosen time after time by local Atlanta food truck companies.

Recent Study by the American Trucking Association:

  • 91% of potential customers notice the words and pictures on vehicle graphics and wraps

  • 75% of potential customers develop a first impression of a business’s vehicle graphics and wraps

  • 29% of potential customers base buying decisions on the impressions gained from the vehicle graphics and wraps a business uses


Wrap Stars offers a wide range of custom vehicle graphics and wraps for your fleet, varying from single decals to full wraps on cars, trucks, buses and trailers. As your one-stop custom fleet graphics shop, Wrap Stars will handle every step of the vehicle graphics process from design and manufacturing to installation and removal.

Fleet Graphics Are a Great Way to:

  • Identify Your Company Instantly

  • Advertise Your Products or Services

  • Heighten Your Business’ Brand Awareness

  • Maximize Your Business’ Sales

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a consultation with Wrap Stars by clicking the Chat icon below or Request A Quote!

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