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Transform Your Space with Frosted Glass Vinyl Graphics

Frosted glass vinyl graphics are perfect for creating both privacy as well as a stunning looking graphic for your office. Creatively, there are so many possibilities when it comes to the design. With frosted glass vinyl, you can use it to add a logo on your door, it can be used as privacy film, or it can be used to cover an entire glass wall for a clean striking frosted effect like this.

At Wrap Stars ATL, we can create a custom, stunning look for your office that is sure to stand out and impress. There are literally tons of options. Look at these amazing before and after photos of how we can transform your space.

Frosted glass vinyl is so versatile. It makes a statement, but in a classy impressive way. Wrap Stars ATL can install the frosted glass vinyl graphics without disturbing your office. Once we design and print your custom graphics, we can install during business hours or after your office is closed. There is no mess, so installing during business hours is possible.

Take a look at this video showing actual space with and without frosted glass vinyl. Call us today to discuss placing frosted glass vinyl in your office. It is a great choice and leaves a lasting impression!


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