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Protecting Your Wrap In the Blazing Georgia Heat

Atlanta summers are brutally hot with temperatures reaching into the 90s, and at times all the humidity of a Florida summer. This can really affect your car wrap if not properly taken care of. Once you get your car professionally wrapped at Wrap Stars ATL, there are just a few tips you should follow to keep that wrap looking awesome.

Get Ceramic Coating Ceramic coating is applied to the top of your car's wrap. This layer makes it more resistant to ultra-violet rays, scratches, chemicals, and extreme heat. The coating creates a bond on top your wrap, protecting it and sealing it from bad elements that would normally damage it.

Ceramic coating basically protects your car from the day to day grime that can over time, get stuck in it. Bugs, dirt, and dust just wash right away with a car that has ceramic coating applied.

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

Hand washing your car, or even just wetting it down, can keep your wrap from warping and wrinkling in the heat. Cool water can really protect your wrap on the hottest of days. Removing the grime and buildup also helps to protect your wrap.

Don't Park in Direct Sunlight It probably seems obvious, but parking in direct sunlight repeatedly, day after day, can start to fade or warp your wrap over time. When you can, park in a parking garage, or wherever you can get the most shade.

Make Sure You Get Your Car Wrapped at Wrap Stars ATL

Getting your car wrapped at a 3M Preferred and fully insured wrap shop is the most important tip to keeping your wrap from getting damaged. The wrap has to be high-quality to begin with. If you have your car wrapped at Wrap Stars ATL, you can be sure it is the highest quality vinyl, and expert installation available. We provide amazing customer service, timely visits, and the best in expert wrapping. Call us today (770)378-5457, or stop by or shop to find out more. And from all of us at Wrap Stars ATL, have a fun and safe summer!

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