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Window Perf - The Better Choice for Your Storefront

So you have a storefront with large windows and you aren't sure what to do with them. You don't want the sun to fade items in your store, but still want to be able to see out of the windows. What should you do? Let Wrap Stars ATL introduce you to window perf!

Window Perf is an excellent choice because it allows you to protect what is inside your shop, gives you privacy, allows you to advertise, all while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Advertising: Wrap Stars ATL custom designs graphics for your brand and prints those onto the window perf. Therefore, your windows are now an amazing marketing tool for your store. A business without marketing initiatives is a like a car without a steering wheel — the driver may have ideas about where they want to go, but they won’t be able to move in that direction. Fortunately, window graphics offer a simple and cost-effective way to market services and merchandise.

Custom window perf used as promotional graphics and signs can:

  • Display a call-to-action

  • Promote a product or service

  • Encourage social media likes and follows

  • Complement and enhance a marketing campaign

Window perf also enhances the color and depth of graphic applications. It is better than placing vinyl on your storefront windows for advertising, because with window perf you can see out of your store. Straight vinyl on your windows would make your store feel like a cave or dungeon, sealing out all sunlight and visibility.

Protection: Window perf also adds abrasion, UV, & environmental protection to your storefront. It is designed for the outdoors, which makes it highly resistant to the weather, water and the sun.

Privacy: Your employees and customers will love you for choosing window perf over window tint because of the privacy it gives. While the outside world will be seeing eye level advertising for your store, they will not be able to see inside your store. At the same time, your customers and employees will be able to see out. So you will be getting all the privacy without giving up any of the benefits of having windows. Employees can avoid feeling like fish in a glass bowl every time foot traffic goes by, while customers and clients within can feel like they’re part of a more intimate and involved space. With window perf, employees and visiting customers will experience natural light and outdoor views without feeling uncomfortably exposed.


Wrap Stars ATL provides amazing window perf for your storefront. Call us or come by the shop to see window perf on our windows up close!

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