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Wrap Stars ATL - A One Stop Shop Is Better

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What does it mean to be a "one stop shop" and why is it better than going to companies that do not offer it all in one location? So many reasons, but I will try to break it down in easy steps.

What is a one stop shop for graphics?

Wrap Stars ATL is a one stop shop for graphics, meaning we have a dedicated designer on premises, we print all of our own graphics on premises, and we have a dedicated team of installers on premises to take care of your job. This means that the quality of your service will be seamless. All three parts work together as a well oiled machine. And should there be any issues, we can fix it on the spot.

Why shouldn't I get a design firm to create my design and just have you install it?

Great question! Our designer creates large scale designs on a daily basis.

  • Our designer knows what size images need to be used to create a clean design for your wall or vehicle

  • what size the resolution of the images needs to be

  • what information should be included on a vehicle design for a company

  • when a design is too wordy to be affective

  • how the design needs to be designed in order to fit your vehicle.

Also, if anything needs to be redone, we have the original file on hand, and can easily reprint it for you.

Why is it important that you print and have installers on premises?

Also a great question! There are several companies that claim to be located in Atlanta and are not. Unless you do your research, you do not know that are really just middle men. They are located in a different state, and very often hire us to install. But they are not measuring your vehicle, or doing on site surveys to make sure the design is the correct size. So we will receive prints that are incorrect and do not fit. We do not have the original design file, so the customer is forced to wait for new graphics to be sent in order to have situations fixed. It is common for customers who are taken by these companies to tell us "next time, I am taking my work straight to you!"

You will only need to deal with one point of contact through the entire process.

Having one point of contact makes the entire process so much easier and timely. At Wrap Stars ATL the communication happening between our sales, coordination, design, print, and installation teams is taken care of by a single individual - your point of contact. If you use three different companies for the project, you will have to manage that communication on your own. With Wrap Stars ATL, you simply have one point of contact who you deal with throughout the whole process.

Your end result is a higher quality product.

Wrap Stars ATL specializes in the full-process of vehicle graphics and company rollouts, and has a better grasp on all the individual elements that need to take place. We have specialized employees and equipment leading to better control over the quality of your product. Similarly, when a wrap can move from production to installation without a lot of middle men, it yields a better end result and thus, customer happiness!

Call us today to discuss your next wrap, wall mural, logo design, banner, etc. We strive for excellence at Wrap Stars ATL!

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