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Yes, Wrap Stars ATL Wraps Boats!

Boat wraps are indeed possible - Wrap Stars ATL designs, prints, and installs boat wraps.

People often think about wrapping cars, trucks, walls, even buildings - but do not realize that you can also wrap your boat.

Why wrap my boat?

Wrapping your boat allows you to customize the look without damaging the paint. It is a great way to add extra protection to the paint, and allows you to alter the look without permanently changing the original. So if you want to change it again in the future, or go back to the basic look, you can.

Vinyl boat wraps are a good idea for other reasons as well-

1. They are less expensive than painting your boat. They take less time to apply and are more cost effective. Vinyl wraps cost only about a third of what marine painting typically costs. They also give the user a "do over" backup incase they do not love the design they chose. Vinyl wraps are easily removed, and if installed by a reputable company such as Wrap Stars ATL, do not damage the existing paint underneath. Your paint will not experience UV damage and the vinyl will also help protect from minor scratches to the original finish as well.

2. They can be mobile advertising for your company.

Just as with fleet wraps or car wraps, vinyl boat wraps can advertise your company. Taking the boat out on the lake this weekend? Everyone on the lake will see your advertising with a vinyl boat wrap. Wrap Stars ATL can custom design your logo into your artwork that will really pop out on the water!

3. Vinyl boat wraps are easy to take care of. Unlike with paint, there is no buffing or polishing needed to vinyl boat wraps. All it takes is soap and water to wash them and make the vinyl boat wrap look amazing. If you don't keep up with your maintenance on a paint coat, it will start to show signs of wear much faster than a vinyl wrap. If your wrap does get damaged, Wrap Stars ATL can usually easily repair the section with a patch.

4. They last for many years. Boat wraps can last for five to seven years if cared for properly. Wrapping your boat is a sound investment that will keep your boat looking new and on the water for many years.


Vinyl boat wraps are a great cost effective way to customize your boat. Wrap Stars ATL can take your boat and make it look amazing for boating season! Call us or come by today and we can begin the design process. Wrap Stars ATL custom designs, prints, and installs all in one place. There are no middlemen to deal with. You will be working with the owner, designer, and installers insuring that we give you a great experience during the wrapping process.

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